Tetra / Kinetic Sculpture

Client: Xandr

Architect: Gensler

Project: Responsive Kinetic Sculpture

Location: New York City

Scope:  Design Studies, Systems Design & Engineering, Fabrication & Installation



Xandr, AT&T’s advertising and analytics division, tasked Gensler, and VVOX Studio to create a monumental installation to welcome and awe visitors with a visualization of their brand promise.

The result was Tetra. Inspired by Xandr’s namesake, Alexander Graham Bell, and his tetrahedral box kites, this ceiling sculpture at nearly 100 feet long, with 300 individual computer-driven motors, and hundreds of LED lights is the largest kinetic sculpture in New York City.

TETRA's Presence

Tetra is a permanent installation that comes to life through a series of passive and reactive behaviors that keep the sculpture in constant flux, with instant reactive changes that physically respond to people passing through the space.

Indoors it is a mesmerizing, dynamic, and surprising experience. Outdoors at night, it is a spectacle of wonder and curiosity.

Electrical Engineering & Design

Our in-house team of designers and programmers went through multiple stages of creating prototypes, pre-fabricating smaller module assemblies and testing the linear actuators and LEDs.

The system our team of programmers and engineers built for Tetra communicates simultaneously to 300 linear actuators and 150 LED tubes with multiple messages over various protocols.

3D Printed Modular Frame Design

The VVOX team designed and built a series of modular 3d printed joints that connect standardized lengths of aluminum tube together to create the open frame structure. All components of the structure were meticulously cataloged and documented in drawings for easy on-site assembly.