Client: Intel

Project: Two installations for CES 2018

Location: CES, Las Vegas, USA

Scope: Fabrication, Woodwork, Holographic

Fabricating Artifical Intelligence and Autonomous Driving

In conjunction with technology company Intel’s exhibit at the annual trade show CES, VVOXSTUDIO fabricated two installations: a holographic car demonstrating the autonomous driving experience from the cars point of view and a 14 foot tower custom built for augmented reality usage. The installations were fully immersive, showcasing Intel technology in a tangible and engaging way.

A Sensory Commute

To exhibit the experience of autonomous driving VVOXSTUDIO built a 7 ft tall, 8 ft wide and 21 ft long car shaped structure. The skeleton of the structure was covered by a translucent projection film, stretched onto a car-inspired wooden and frame. The film is a light translucent fabric that allows for projected content to be shown from the outside in. It was custom sewn in the house to fit the car. Inside the car VVOXSTUDIO designed haptic seats to give visitors a sensory ride. To make the ride even more realistic VVOX installed fans, so visitors could feel their hair blow in the wind as the car sped up.

AI Tower Experience

To present Intel’s AI technology, we built a tower that was 14 ft tall and 10 ft in diameter, made up of 28 individual pillars. The tower was equipped with several markers. When paired with a tracker located on tablets, the audience could see AI animations of flying whales, brains and car tracks immersing and interacting with the tower.